People who smoke cannabis understand that it is a very hush matter, depending on your present crowd but many successful, creative people get high. The people who understand that when used properly, it can be a wonderful aid to cope with everyday life struggles and daily pains, but beautiful things can be created with marijuana’s aid. For those who enjoy creating something new after relaxing with a smoke, this is the site for you to showcase your work or meet other artists, writers, or photographers with different concepts for your mind to explore because we’re not the stereotype. We are the dreamers and achievers.  The four focuses of the site are listed below:


Writing                                                                                Art


Writing High

IMG_20180705_093519_231Through the menu option near the top right-hand corner, you have the opportunity to view amateur work from many different people. Work submission can be requested through the contact page in the menu. Don’t forget to follow to receive weekly updates on new posts that just might help your creativity reach its full potential. Visit the Writing High section to view my blog posts about staying motivated, getting through each day, positive thoughts, and much more.

Sometimes you just need to smoke and get lost in your niche to escape from today’s world, or perhaps to view what is happening from a different, more relaxed perspective. Cannabis can open many doors thanks to the benefits it offers. Whether you’re looking to display your work or overlook someone else’s, welcome to writing high.


It's the best around.